If you are interested in learning more about the app, then you should take the time to read our fling.com full review for iPhone and Android. In this article, we discuss what this app has to offer women, as well as the benefits they stand to enjoy by using the app. If you are looking for a mobile dating companion that offers a convenient, safe, and easy-to-use interface, then it is high time you looked into Fling.

Fling Dating Service

Fling App is an iPhone and Android mobile application that is specifically designed to help women find local female singles in your area. The application is free to download and allows users to search and browse millions of local flings, or relationships, based on location and interests. In essence, with the use of Fling App you can search and connect with women near you who are seeking companionship with someone. When searching for a suitable relationship, you simply select one from a variety of choices provided and select the location you would like to meet the woman. From this point forward, you have the ability to send a short message, picture and video to the woman, and if you so choose, then start communicating.

With the mobile platform of Android, users are able to find hundreds of women to date and engage in conversations. Through its GPS technology, you are able to pinpoint the location of a woman in the proximity of your current location. With this information, you are then able to send her a message and hopefully start a relationship which in all likelihood will last for some time. As previously mentioned, you also have the ability to send a photo to a woman through the app. The images that you can upload onto your device are ones that you choose and can include anything from a snapshot of you at your best to photographs of the places you have been. Regardless of what type of photograph you choose, you will be able to add it to your collection of photographs for the rest of your life.