Pottery and Wine – How to Make the Two Work Well Together

pottery and wine

The two best days for making pottery and wine are spring and fall. This is because you have the weather, wind and sunshine to your advantage. When choosing a pottery and wine pairings, the temperature of the day is important because that will affect how the clay will react to your tastes. If you plan on making a dessert pot, make sure it is not too hot or cold. The temperature needs to be just right for the clay to harden correctly.

How to Choosing the right pottery?

Choosing the right pottery for your pottery and wine project is also important. If you choose the wrong pottery material, it will not react with your wines and could make the entire experience very unpleasant. Glazed clay reacts differently to different types of foods so don’t assume that a certain pottery style will go with a specific type of wine. For example, if you are preparing a red wine that is mostly served in a stainless steel pot, it probably won’t taste all that great in a ceramic vessel. This is because glazed ceramics absorb light and become opaque which affects the concentration of the wine in the wine.

In addition to choosing the right pottery and wine to pair, you also need to keep in mind what your meal is going to consist of. If you’re going to serve appetizers, stick with a simpler pottery style. It will give you more time to focus on creating the main dish. You might even consider cooking something on the side, such as vegetable or cheese rinds, so the pottery can soak up the flavors more thoroughly.

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