global talent stream

The Global Talent Stream is an element of the temporary foreign worker program and a subset of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). It aims to give innovative firms in Canada access to the most talented and skilled global talent that they require when Canadians or permanent resident immigrants are not readily available. With a view to fill a gap of highly qualified workers in Canada for the period till the availability of Canadian workers grows, the program is designed for both established firms and start ups. In other words, it targets those companies who are less likely to expand their workforce if they are already having workers who are already in place.


Information Technology is the primary source of growth in Canada and the world at large. Thus, many innovative firms have set up their Canadian operations from within the country or have recruited many skilled workers from abroad. Thus far, Canadian graduates and international graduates have been gravitating towards IT and related fields because of various incentives such as competitive pay, accommodation and lifestyle benefits as well as the ease of working in Canada. Hence, the need for an increased inflow of workers is expected. According to estimates, there could be around one million new positions created in the Information Technology industry by the end of next decade. Hence, the need for a pool of well-educated and talented workers from overseas has been confirmed and the Global Talent Stream has just been launched to address this new requirement effectively.


If you are from a province such as Ontario and are looking forward to work in Canada, then you should certainly look forward to the Global Talent Stream since the system is tailored for your needs and will help you find a suitable job opportunity within Canada. This program has three components namely – the recruitment of candidates, the evaluation and the selection of candidates. The provincial governments involved in the implementation of the program have ensured that all the criteria set out under the legislation are met to make it a truly national initiative. The three components of the Global Talent Stream have been specifically designed to increase the accessibility of opportunities for immigrants, increase the inflow of candidates and improve the quality of candidates as well as the selection process. The provinces participating in the Global Talent Stream include: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Alberta and Saskatchewan.