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Market Research. The global sleeping pillow industry is growing at a rate of CAGRs of more than three-quarters over the forecast period for 2020 to 2020, and is expected to register a gradual increase in sales of 5.00 percent over the same period. While such high growth rates are quite encouraging, it is important for us to remember that this growth is largely due to an increasing number of people realizing the positive benefits associated with sleeping on pillows. This rise in consumer awareness is likely to continue, as more people are realizing how useful they are both for their health and finances. View now

Which Sleeping Pillow Is Best For You?

Health Benefits. Many studies have shown that a person who sleeps on a properly aligned back, neck, shoulders, and head has a much better posture, less back pain, and greater balance than those who sleep on pillows. These same studies have also shown that those who sleep on pillows experience significantly more back pain and joint pain than those that sleep without any pillows at all. A properly aligned spine, neck, shoulders, and head can help promote healthy posture, proper alignment of the spine, less back pain, and balance, which can result in a number of additional health benefits, including prevention of certain types of cancer, reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, improved circulation, and improved digestion.

The Best Pillow. For neck support, you may be interested in memory foam pillows. These are by far the best pillow for neck support, because they mold to the shape of your head and neck, providing maximum comfort while minimizing pressure points. Foam memory pillows can be worn as regular pillows, or you may prefer to use them as side pillows for easier reaching. There are many styles to choose from, including flat, foamed, and even tummy sleepers. Because they conform to the natural curve of your head, they offer the very best comfort and support while you sleep.