Wire sawing Perth | For the Perth, Western Australia region there are a local fabrication and CNC machining shop called Mikes Milling Company. Mikes milling machine serves as a general contractor for many clients including government jobs and commercial projects. The shop also offers many different options for wood milling machines for the manufacture of cabinet frames, cabinet tops and laminates. Mikes milling machines are manufactured by CNC machining in Perth, Western Australia. Mikes milling machine has designed and engineered the innovative CNC milling machine, which allows it to cut and drill all sizes of wood and aluminum with precision and speed.

Mikes Milling Company – Perth, Western Australia

The company offers many types of CNC machining equipment including; wire sawing Perth, laser guided cnc machining, sheet metal cutting and stamping and so much more. They have a wide variety of wire sawing and milling machines for your CNC machining needs and can also do sheet metal and brass fabrication. Mikes Milling Company prides itself on having an excellent turn around time for its machines. When you work with a reputable company such as Mikes Milling Company your products will be of professional quality and you can expect this with every product that they produce.

Mikes Milling Company can also provide you with floor grinding and core drilling machines. Floor grinding options are available from this shop including; belt Sanders, sanding blocks and also diamond discs. Their core drilling machines are portable and can be moved around easily wherever needed and is also easy to transport and set up wherever it is needed. Core drilling is available in both wet and dry methods and has the ability to cut through many types of sheet rock providing uniform and consistent results.